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How does the Reshape technology function?

The reshape double-sphered gastric balloon creates a pleasant feeling of having recently eaten a meal, discouraging the binging, unwanted snacking and night eating that so commonly causes weight gain. Inserted endoscopically through the esophagus, the gastric balloons are then filled with saline solution once they are in place in the abdomen. Most clients find they do not experience any discomfort with the device in place.

Note that the entire process is nonsurgical, requiring no incisions or suturing, no scars and no downtime. Procedure time is approximately 30 minutes and Portland patients find they can return to their normal routines on the same day.

A seamless two-part process

The Reshape program consists of months 1 through 6 with the gastric balloon device in place, and a second 6 month period during which continuous lifestyle coaching and nutritional counseling continues albeit without the device. There is a focus on the holistic nature of well-being rather than solely on the physical aspects of weight loss, helping the client to manage both their eating and their thoughts and emotions as well.

Your Portland Reshape package includes:

  • The cutting-edge gastric balloon technology
  • Around-the-clock online support
  • Comprehensive counseling from our team of dietitians, psychologists, life coaches and personal trainers
  • A plan for eating and exercising tailored to your specific needs
  • Follow-up sessions for the full 12 months

Ideal Candidate for Reshape

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Within a BMI range of 30 to 40
  • Suffering from a comorbidity related to obesity such as high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension or sleep apnea
  • In need of a weight loss minimum of 25 pounds
  • Willing to attend lifestyle coaching for the entire year of the program
  • Able to tolerate an endoscope through the mouth and down the esophagus
  • Healthy both physically and psychologically

Outstanding clinical trial results

The reshaped double sphere gastric balloon creates on average twice as much weight loss as with dieting and exercising by itself. Clients tend to keep the weight off longer than they would without using the device, and they lost approximately 15 to 35% of excess body fat in the first 6 months.

Are there any side effects?

While side effects with Reshape are rare, they do occasionally happen. Some clients may feel nauseous or experience a sense of discomfort with the device in place. If this happens, contact your physician right away. He or she can provide you with a prescription for anti-nausea medication. Even if you don't take this medication, the sensations will sometimes abate on their own as you adjust to having the gastric balloon in your belly.

Who created the Reshape technology?

Reshape was designed by a company formerly known as Abdominis, but now called Reshape Medical Incorporated. The company is based in San Clemente and is focused on engineering intragastic devices that work to reverse the effects of obesity.

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