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A summary of the gastric balloon system

The concept of the gastric balloon was first explored in 1985, but due to minor design flaws, distribution was halted. In addition, the invention of gastric banding eclipsed the gastric balloon in terms of popularity. Today the stomach balloon has undergone exciting, innovative engineering, ironing out its drawbacks and creating a prototype that is truly revolutionary. In August of 2015, the FDA finally approved the Orbera and Reshape gastric balloon technologies for weight loss in the United States.

This represents a giant leap forward for weight loss clients who formerly had to choose between invasive bariatric surgery and the more ordinary weight loss methods such as dieting and exercise, which are rarely effective for obese patients. Many clients who felt daunted by the idea of undergoing general anesthesia, incisions and scarring are now delighted to find such a simple nonsurgical solution.

What is truly inspiring about the Orbera and Reshape systems, however, is the fact that they go far beyond physical weight loss alone to include the mental and emotional aspects of overeating. The dynamic two-phase program involves intense nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching and personal training over the course of one year, helping patients to establish new trends both psychologically and physically that will keep the weight off long-term.

How many types of gastric balloons are there?

Athenix in Portland works with two types of gastric balloons, the single sphere Orbera stomach balloon and the double sphere Reshape stomach balloon. For Reshape, in addition to meeting the requirements of a BMI of 30 to 40, you will need to suffer from a comorbidity related to obesity such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea or high cholesterol. During your free confidential consultation at our Portland offices, the doctor will further explain the differences between the two types of balloons and help you to move forward with confidence.

Understanding the technology

The strategy behind the gastric balloon technology is to create a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, discouraging the insidious overeating that leads to weight gain. Without the constant craving for more food, patients naturally shed the fat and extra pounds without suffering from feelings of deprivation.

Device insertion is completed while the client is sedated with the use of an endoscope, which allows the doctor to carefully monitor his or her actions. Once the balloon has been successfully positioned in the stomach cavity it will be filled with a customized amount of saline, which is determined by the patient's individual goals and preferences.

Am I good candidate for the procedure?

Gastric balloon treatment may be ideal for you if you:

  • Are at least 18 years old
  • Require a minimum weight loss of 25 pounds
  • Have a BMI of between 30 and 40
  • Have not undergone bariatric surgery and are not ready to try it
  • Suffer from confidence issues, depression or frustration over your weight
  • Are committed to completing the entire year of lifestyle counseling
  • Are dedicated to following up in the Portland area with appointments
  • Are not pregnant or nursing
  • Can tolerate endoscopic insertion of the device
  • Are addiction free without substance abuse problems
  • Do not suffer from serious mental illness
  • Have been unsuccessful with losing weight through traditional methods such as dieting and working out

Before the procedure

It's important that you complete the consultation process so that you are clear on what to expect from gastric balloon treatment. The consultation is also a chance for your doctor to find out all of your medical issues, any medications you might be taking, where you stand on bariatric surgery, and if you have any allergies. The doctor will go over the various types of gastric balloons to choose from and customize your treatment plan to your unique anatomy and needs.

Once you have been approved for gastric balloon treatment, you will need to abstain from food and liquids for 12 hours before the procedure. You may also need to ask a friend or family member to drive you home from our Portland offices afterwards since you will be under mild sedation.

The Portland Athenix Institute: where weight loss dreams come true

Although our physicians enjoy hospital privileges around the city, we have created our own in-house accredited medical facility to provide you with greater convenience, lower costs, and more privacy. We offer the same impeccable safety standards, and deliver unrivaled results using world-class equipment and technology along with superior diagnostic and imaging software. From our climate controlled, stylish waiting rooms to our peaceful, healing recovery suites, we aim to make your stay one of renewal and reward.

The stomach balloon insertion process

The gastric balloon insertion process takes approximately 30 minutes and is not painful. Most patients find they can return to their normal activities such as work or play on the very same day, as no anesthesia, incisions or downtime are required.

While you are sedated, the physician will endoscopically insert an empty soft sphere through the esophagus into your belly where it is then filled with sterile saline solution. The endoscope is a finely tuned miniature camera that allows the doctor to monitor his movements, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout treatment.

After the balloon is precisely placed in your abdomen, you will spend a few hours in our recovery suites where you will be carefully monitored for side effects. Although rare, some patients do experience mild nausea and discomfort from the device. At this juncture, your doctor can prescribe antinausea medication that will relieve your symptoms very quickly.

A word about exercise

Exercise can be a difficult topic for many who have struggled with their weight. Many hours might have been invested in working out with little to no results and it can be frustrating to consider starting a new exercise regimen after the gastric balloon has been removed. Have no fear, our personal trainers will create a plan that is customized to your liking so that you can find joy and relaxation in moving your body.

Exercise will no longer be your enemy. Rather you will learn successful new ways of having fun either alone or in partnership, and you will come to discover activities that you've never tried before. You don't have to mimic anyone else's exercise plan; your strategy can be uniquely your own and you can still lose weight. Activities such as dancing, golfing, or hiking all qualify as calorie burning!

Following up

Some clients are tempted to think that after they lose the weight in the first 6 months, the program is over. This couldn't be further from the truth. How well you commit to and follow through with the second half of the program will determine how long you keep the weight off and how happy you are with your new lifestyle. Continuing to work with counselors and life coaches is the key to solidifying your transformation and embracing a new mental approach that will keep you from relapse.

About Athenix

Athenix Body Sculpting has earned a reputation as among the leaders in cutting-edge body contouring techniques, including the innovative gastric balloon procedure. Our board-certified physicians pursue nuanced, sophisticated results while providing compassionate, outstanding client care in a safe, serene setting. For superior weight loss support in the Portland area, Athenix is the natural choice.

Safety is top priority at our company, which is why we are committed to extensive pre-treatment testing, liaising with your primary care provider, investigating any and all medical conditions, and putting you on a round of antibiotics to ward off infection prior to device implantation. This stringent regimen of safety protocols continues throughout the entire 12-month program, safeguarding your well-being and newfound health.

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