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A nonsurgical weight reduction revolution

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The future of weight loss

Is unwanted weight inhibiting your lifestyle, causing you shame, frustration and lowered self esteem? If you find that your eating is out of control, especially at night or in times of emotional distress, then the Athenix Body Sculpting stomach balloon program in Portland may be ideal for your needs. If you have found that dieting and exercise avails you nothing despite repeated efforts, our revolutionary two-part weight loss system can offer transformative results in as little as 6 months, all without the complexities and side effects of invasive surgery.

Overhaul your lifestyle for long-term transformation

The first phase of the gastric balloon program involves placement of the appetite suppressing sphere in the abdomen. After 6 months, the sphere is removed, allowing the client to make use of the tools they learned from our team of dedicated psychologists, nutritionists and lifestyle coaches. Using this proven and effective two-phase system, Portland gastric balloon clients find that by the end of the 12 month program, they have both the confidence and the experience needed to maintain long-term weight loss.

Safety, effectiveness and comfort come first

Understanding how the gastric balloon works is an important first step in undergoing the treatment. Using an endoscope, your doctor will gently insert a pliable saline filled sphere into the abdomen, which acts to trick the brain into believing the stomach is full, decreasing destructive overeating. Clients feel satisfied faster and tend to be relieved from constant craving for snacks and extra meals.

When compared with bariatric surgery, gastric balloon placement is far safer and less invasive. If a client does decide to undergo bariatric surgery, they can prepare for that additional step by first losing a certain number of pounds with the stomach balloon as is often required by their doctors.

Understanding the statistics

Hailed as one of the most exciting breakthroughs in recent years in the weight loss industry, the gastric balloon has been shown to be 3 times as effective as dieting and exercise alone. Portland stomach balloon clients are finding that they can lose from 25% to 45% of their excess weight, sometimes in excess of 60 pounds. Case studies have repeatedly shown that patients undergoing gastric balloon treatment, which includes lifestyle counseling and support, are keeping the weight off longer and maintaining their health well past the one-year mark.

Before & After

Our extensive before-and-after photo gallery offers patients a glimpse into what they can expect from the gastric balloon process in terms of results. If you do not immediately see any clients who present the same issues as you, simply ask the doctor for access to more photos. When you undergo your Portland gastric balloon consultation, the doctor may also furnish you with advanced 3-D imaging results, another important tool in managing your expectations.

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Success Stories

Congratulations to all our Portland stomach balloon success stories! We have included several patient testimonials to give you an overview of real-life experience with the gastric balloon process. In turn, we invite you to submit your own story for our website once you have undergone the 12 month program.

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If you are ready to learn more about the gastric balloon process then it is time to set up your free consultation with the Athenix team in Portland. You will meet with our full panel of body sculpting experts who will record your medical history, examine you physically, explore previous surgeries if any, and answer all your questions in depth.

The consultation can be a wonderful time to leaf through our before-and-after library of photographs, exploring the wonderful possibilities and getting to know our former clients who are further down the road in the gastric balloon process. We also offer cutting-edge 3-D imaging software that can help you to better visualize your results. Leaving the consultation, you may feel excited, optimistic, and ready to step into the future. Call today to get started!

Schedule a new patient consultation at no charge and find out if the gastric balloon procedure is right for you.

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