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A partner in your well being

The Athenix team in Portland has assembled a support structure that is unprecedented in the weight-loss industry. We offer a panel of friendly, experienced, strategy-minded life coaches and counselors that have what it takes to get you to the next level. We strive to inspire autonomy, confidence and success in all our clients, giving them the life tools they need to keep the weight off long-term. With a history of outstanding results in body sculpting, Athenix is poised to deliver life-changing outcomes via the gastric balloon program. We constantly avail ourselves of the latest advanced technologies on the market and consider our solutions to be the wave of the future.

Using the gastric balloon for long term health

2015 marked a giant leap forward for weight loss. This was the year that the FDA approved not one but two stomach balloon programs for use in North America. We are pleased to present our Portland patients with both the single sphered Orbera stomach balloon and the double sphered Reshape gastric balloon, both engineered for your safety and comfort.

Where many weight-loss institutes focus on purely physical results, the Portland Athenix team uses a holistic approach to address the emotional and mental aspects of compulsive overeating in addition. Our nutritionists, counselors and life coaches seek to truly listen and understand your needs, guiding you as you learn both portion control and how to handle stressful situations that might ordinarily trigger excess eating.

Surrounded by a trustworthy, positive support network, we find that our clients make more progress in one year than they have in decades. Many find new hobbies, new careers and the desire to start a new family, all thanks to the incredible energy that is released once the destructive eating has been put down.

Our support team goes the extra mile

In addition to our board certified physicians and counselors, our team behind the scenes is also working full-time to make sure you have a rewarding and productive experience at Athenix. From our receptionists to our patient coordinators, everyone in the office has experienced with what it's like to go through the gastric balloon process and can guide you and support you as you make this important step forward. Our registered nurses, medical assistants and technicians all share our passion for weight loss and long-term recovery from binge eating. Whether it's finding you a hotel while you're in town, tending to valet parking, or following up with you during the recovery period, we go the extra mile to ensure outstanding patient experiences and phenomenal results.

A word about financing

Our goal is to engender a seamless patient experience from start to finish; however, financing your treatment can sometimes present initial turbulence, especially when insurance companies refuse to cover this important nonsurgical procedure. Our patient coordinator will work with you to secure financing from a variety of reputable lenders who offer favorable down payments, APRs, and payment plans. In addition, we do provide some in-house financing solutions. Whatever your situation, we can help you, so do not be deterred. Reach out to us today for your free initial consultation at our Portland offices.

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