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The world's top rated stomach balloon arrives in Portland

The Orbera single sphere gastric balloon occupies the space of about a small cantaloupe and sits in the abdomen for 6 months, artificially signaling the brain that the body is full and has eaten enough. The satisfied feeling of fullness allows the client to cut back on unwanted snacking, night eating and multiple meals during the day so that they might lose weight and begin to improve their quality of life.

The soft, saline filled stomach balloon is inserted via an endoscope through the esophagus. The entire process is nonsurgical, meaning no anesthesia, incisions or down time is required. In fact, your entire Portland Orbera gastric balloon insertion takes a mere 30 minutes.

Orbera Portland Orbera Gastric Balloon Portland

A life changing two-phase system

The Orbera stomach balloon program takes 12 months to complete with the device in place for only the first 6 months. During the second phase of the system, our Portland Orbera clients continue to receive lifestyle counseling and nutritional advice, which helps to solidify the changes they have made and sets them up for long-term weight loss success.

What you get:

  • The groundbreaking Orbera gastric balloon device
  • A personalized plan of eating
  • A customized exercise routine
  • Around-the-clock access to online support
  • Counseling from certified psychologists, nutritionists and life coaches
  • Extended follow-through and ongoing support even after you finish the program
Orbera Balloon Portland Orbera Gastric Balloon System

Who is responsible for Orbera?

Orbera is the brainchild of Apollo Endosurgery Incorporated, a visionary company responsible for such innovations as the LAP-BAND and OverStitch sutures. They are known throughout the globe in over 80 different countries for their commitment to paradigm-shifting weight loss technology.

Apollo Endosurgery is based in Austin, Texas, where researchers and developers have pooled their energy to come up with the treatment that acts as the midpoint between bariatric surgery and dieting.

Similarly engineered stomach balloons have been employed throughout the world in countries such as India, Mexico, Canada and Australia, but the Orbera is the first gastric stomach device to be approved for use by the FDA in the United States.

Orbera Weight Loss Balloon Orbera Non-Surgical Weight Loss Balloon

How safe is the Orbera gastric balloon?

The Orbera gastric balloon is considered safe for those over 18 whose BMI is within the 30 to 40 range. During your free confidential consultation for Orbera balloon in Portland, our team can help you decide whether treatment is right for your needs. It's important to note that your gastric balloon should only be inserted by a board-certified surgeon at an accredited medical center such as the Portland Athenix Institute.

Orbera is not recommended for those who:

  • Are under 18
  • Have a BMI that falls outside 30 to 40
  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Suffer from bleeding disorders, G.I. infections, liver failure, hiatal hernias
  • Have been prescribed aspirin, G.I. medications or blood thinners
  • Have already undergone bariatric surgery
  • Cannot tolerate an endoscope through the mouth
  • Are in poor health either physically or mentally
  • Suffer from debilitating addictions or substance abuse problems
  • Are unwilling to complete the entire 12 month program and attend follow-up appointments

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