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The visual result

It is common for our Athenix gastric balloon clients to have a ton of questions about the process before they get started. One of the chief questions on everyone's minds concerns their results. How much weight can be lost? How soon will I be able to see the changes in my body? How long can I keep the weight off?

Using photos to make your decision

During your initial consultation, you will learn the answers to these questions and many more, so rest assured you will be moving forward with an informed, well-educated conscience and plenty of numbers to back up our claims. What's more, we offer you access to an extensive gastric balloon before-and-after photographic library that can provide you with the faces and names of real patients who have taken this amazing journey.

Sometimes, when glancing through our before and after library, you may not immediately see somebody who shares your body type. In this case, it is perfectly acceptable to ask the doctor if there are any case studies that better mirror your issues. Sometimes the doctor can even arrange for you to personally contact a former patient and get their honest feedback on the gastric balloon process. Our success stories come from all backgrounds, all age groups, and all weight loss experiences. But they all have one thing in common: they are looking for a slimmer, leaner physique and a healthier lifestyle.

The gastric balloon system differs from its weight-loss competitors in a variety of ways. The Athenix stomach balloon process does not focus exclusively on the physical aspects of losing weight, although that is obviously a byproduct. Working with a dedicated team of lifestyle coaches, nutritionists, psychologists and counselors, you will delve into many of the emotional and mental aspects of overeating, learning self-control side-by-side with portion control. Many clients find that they have more energy after the first 6 months, energy that can be invested in hobbies, careers and their families. After all, being overweight affects more than just our appearances; it affects every aspect of our lives.

What will your gastric balloon before-and-after journey look like? Contact our Portland office today to get started!

"I feel great! It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life."

Marie lost 24 lbs.

Marie Brown is an interior designer from Georgia who lost 24lbs with ORBERA®. After losing eight pounds in the first week she continued to lose a steady two to three pounds weekly. Marie says she would highly recommend ORBERA® to anyone who is having trouble losing weight. She felt that she was unaware of the changes she was making at times, simply because she wasn’t hungry. It was a big deal to Marie that she wasn’t constantly hungry while she was changing her diet. Because of this, she felt it didn’t affect her on a daily basis like a diet or diet pills would. It just became a part of her lifestyle. Marie has no doubt that ORBERA® would work for everybody looking to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

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"I lost 30lbs with ORBERA® and kept the weight off for 5 years."

Andrew lost 30 lbs.

Andrew wasn't happy with himself. Andrew would look in the mirror and wonder if the day would ever come where he would feel comfortable in his own skin. Andrew believes trying ORBERA® was a changing point in his life. By his first follow-up appointment he had already lost his first 5lbs - and that was just the start. By the end of the first 6-months of his ORBERA® weight loss journey Andrew had lost 30lbs. His eating habits had changed and he felt a constant sense of accomplishment. Years ago he would just eat and eat until he felt overfull, but with the ORBERA® stomach balloon he realized that he had to change his eating habits. Between portion control and eating slowly, Andrew was able to change the way he ate. It has changed Andrew's life and he believes it can change yours too.

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