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We offer a warm congratulations to all our Portland area stomach balloon clients! Here are a few of their gastric balloon reviews and stories:

Gastric Balloon Reviews Orbera Reviews

Client Stories

Sometimes it helps to hear from those who came before you. We’ve provided some Reshape and Orbera reviews and stories from previous clients at Athenix.

Below you can read their testimonials, as well as see their age and the amount of weight they lost. As you’ll see, there are many successes to be had.

Case Study: Samuel

Age 46, weight loss of 22 lbs.

I'm so grateful for a chance to start over. I was like a hamster on a wheel, exercising all the time and working out with no results. Athenix gave me a new lease on life.

Case Study: Cheryl

Age 28, weight loss of 17 lbs.

The gastric balloon helped me feel full and kept me from raiding the refrigerator every time I got the instinct for a snack. I'm so happy with my new body, and it's all thanks to Athenix. I want to tell people this thing works!

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